Audiology Engine

Audiology Websites

java, mysql, javascript, jquery, orm, freemarker

I co-founded Audiology Engine with Geoff Cooling in June 2014 - we both have experience in the audiology field and decided that his marketing and sales skills fitted perfectly with my programming and design abilities. Audiology Engine is both a service and a platform: we supply marketing, copywriting and practice management consultancy to audiology practices and we also build and maintain websites for them. The websites run on our own Java Engine, which offers an in-place webpage editor that is incredibly simple to use, super-fast page delivery, good SEO practice and mobile-friendly themes. We plan to extend it to offer audiology practice management features and other great stuff in 2015.


javascript, jquery

Earnest is a minimalist, browser-based writing tool. It lets you get words written in a peaceful environment with no distractions - it does not spell-check your writing, nor does it offer any way for you to format your work, there is no grammar checking and you cannot insert any type of media or HTML, you cannot even edit the words you've already written.

“The first draft of anything is shit.” — Ernest Hemingway

CoderScope - OFFLINE

java, mysql, javascript, jquery, orm, freemarker

CoderScope is a SAAS application aimed at businesses and recruitment agents that are looking to assess the programming skills of potential hires. It is an interactive onine programming test with a well-researched set of coding questions that mimic real-world programming tasks.

Earmeter - OFFLINE

php, mysql, codeigniter, javascript, jquery

Earmeter is a SAAS application for audiologists and their patients. It helps audiologists to get better/quicker feedback from the patient about how their hearing aid trial is going and it also enables the audiologist provide structured and timely info and help to the patient so that they can get the most from their new hearing aid.

Notforest - OFFLINE

javascript, jquery

Notforest is a bookmarklet that cleans up webpages to make them more readable. It removes sidebars, adverts, comments, images and other cruft from blog posts, news articles and other pages - leaving just the text you want to read.

Squareleaf - OFFLINE

php, mysql, pdo, javascript, jquery

Squareleaf is a virtual whiteboard for sticky notes. I wrote this quite a few years ago, before the rise of Trello and the like, but it still has a few hundred regular users. The application lets the user create coloured sticky notes on a whiteboard and arrange them however they want.

Audiogram Creator

javascript, jquery, html canvas

An audiogram is a graph showing the results of a hearing test. Points are plotted to show a person's hearing ability at different pitches and volumes across the range of human hearing. This application lets users plot their test results and save them locally in their browser - is used by both hearing aid wearers and dispensers.


jquery, javascript

PicStrips is a jQuery plugin that splits a given image into a serios of strips that are separated by whitespace - the strips themselves are padded with whitepsace at the top or bottom, which gives quite a nice effect on the right image.

To do lists are the new hello world, so here's mine. I set out to make the simplest possible to-do list, basically a digital version of a paper list, but with the ability to re-order items. No log-in or sign-up is required as the items are stored locally in the browser. This to-do list is minimal, fast and convenient.

Strong Password Generator

jquery, javascript

The name kind of says it all. This simple application generates random passwords with maximum entropy.