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Senior Java Consultant For Hire

My name is Steve Claridge. I'm a Java/software consultant working in and around Oxford, UK.

I specialise in working with legacy and problematic codebases to help companies move forward with their in-house software that has stagnated.

People often hire me because they have an aging or large system where the code has become difficult to modify, they need either bug fixes or new additions to the system and either the code has become to cumbersome to modify or the in-house skills are no longer available.

I also have a lot of experience building proof-of-concepts and MVPs - I can build robust and reliable systems quickly and efficiently using Java 8 and complementary libraries & technologies.


Some of the recent projects I have worked on include:

Seam - Helped an Oxfordshire-based company make bug fixes and new additions to their aging Jave/Seam/JBoss/Hibernate codebase whilst their in-house team built a new version of their software with more up-to-date technologies.

Audiology - I co-own a small-business which helps Audiology practices with their Web presence. Backed by a Java/JavaScript codebase.

12m visitors - Worked with a large academic publisher to keep their bespoke Pascal-based (Yes, Pascal...really) web application running under a heavy load of 12 million+ viitors a month while a suitable replacement was put in place.

Get in touch to see how I can help you

I believe in simplicity

The simplest software solution makes for the best long-term outcome. That's not to say any system should forgo features but my aim is always to deliver bug fixes, additions and systems that require and use the fewest lines of code possible. Less code-bloat means your software is easier to test, easier to maintain and easier to understand.

Software tends to become troublesome as its size and complexity increases.

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