Hello, I'm Steve Claridge, a software engineer living near Oxford, UK. I love building stuff for the Web and like to keep it simple.

I got my first conputer when I was 9 years old, a ZX Spectrum 48k, and I've been a total software-geek ever since. The Spectrum was an amazing little games machine but it intrigued me, I just had to know how that thing worked. I typed in BASIC soources from magazines, taught myself Z80 assembler and probably had just as much fun working out why my code was not printing anything on the screen as a I did playing Match Day, Hunchback, Manic Miner or Daley Thompson.

Since then I've owned a number of machines and picked up a fair few languages along the way: Java, PHP, JavaScript, C, C++, Python, Pascal, 68000 assembler, Z80 assembler and BASIC. These days I'm mostly building websites and back-office applications in any combintation of Java, PHP and JavaScript.

I love building stuff but also enjoy the challenge of getting to grips with legacy code bases - there's something satisfying in taming an old out-of-control application.

Feel free to get in touch if you think I can help you.