About Me

Sr Software Eng / Architect / Consultant / Writer


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I've been developing software for over 25 years and still love it. These days I am mainly focussed on Java but have done a lot of C, C++, PHP, SQL, JavaScript and Pascal in the past. Recently I've also done a fair bit of Python and C# and a smattering of Dart (Flutter).

My go-to is Java and Spring as I know both very well, they are mature, and have great tooling for rapid development and deployment.

I strongly believe in keeping things simple. Overly-complicated code is not good code, it's difficult to debug, maintain and develop. Having said that, I do have a morbid fascination with tidying, fixing and improving spaghetti codebases - it's very rewarding to be able to help businesses get away from their legacy systems that are causing them pain.

Most of my recent contracts have been remote (working from home) and I want to continue that. Collaboration tools are good enough now that working remotely isn't a hindrance and I hate commuting regularly.

I live near Oxford, U.K.