Still looking?

By Steve Claridge on 2014-03-15.

The web is a great learning resource. We can find a non-stop flow of infomation on any subject we want. How to gain muscle, lose weight, market a product, start your own business - it's all there waiting for us to hoover up the knowledge. We always want to find the answer that solves our problem for us, but even when we've found an answer we often go looking for something more. A better answer, a quicker solution, a cheaper way of doing it. We keep looking for better. Keep reading the blogs, keep buying the books, following the tweets.

Procrastination is a weird and wonderful thing. We put off doing stuff for all sorts of reasons. Searching for the ultimate solution to your problem or goal quickly becomes a way of avoiding doing it. Why are you avoiding reaching your goals? I have no idea, I don't know why I procrastinate myself. Mostly fear, probably. Want to build a webapp? Find a blog/book/website that shows you how, read it and go build stuff. Yeah, there could be a better resource someplace else but you will learn most by actually building things, making mistakes and trying things. Want to put on muscle? Google for it and read one of the resources on the first page. Learn as much as you can from that and hit the iron. You are gonna make mistakes with bad form and stuff but hours in front of a website is not going to perfect your form, only you can do that by trying it and learning as you go.

There's a sweet spot where you know that you know enough to reach your goal or fix your problem. When you hit that, stop looking, you don't need a better, faster, cheaper solution. You have the tools you need so go and use them.