Netbeans making it easy to work with HTML

By Steve Claridge on 2015-06-26.

I spotted another nice feature in Netbeans earlier on today. I've been using Netbeans for HTML/CSS/JS work since I discovered I could use the IDE to edit file outside of a Java project.

When editing HTML source there is often DIVs that are longer than the screen-size of the editor so it is difficult to see where the DIV ends - I hit this problem often when I want to copy or delete a DIV. Netbeans has a nice solution to this: if you select a closing tag it will show you the starting tag at the top of the editor window so you know which you've selected.


The picture shows me selecting the closing UL tag and the opening UL is off the top of the screen - Netbeans shows the opening tag's source line at the top of the edit window so I know I'm selecting the right closing tag.

I'm turning into such a Netbeans fanboy these days I might have to get a t-shirt or a tattoo or something.