Messing around in Photoshop

By Steve Claridge on 2015-04-05.

I've been using GIMP for years. Back when I last looked at Photoshop it was insanely expensive, it was hundreds of pounds. So I've been mostly using GIMP, and occasionally, to do any website graphic work, which I thought were perfectly good for the job. Recently I took another look at PS and noticed that is it now a monthly subscription fee (lowest priced option is £8/month) and so much more affordable.

I've been trying to get used to PS's UI and have already used it to create some website assets but I wanted an excuse to create something that wasn't for a customer, something throwaway, that would help me learn new features of PS. So what better than a cheesy motivational poster?

Here's my first stab at some motivational cheese. The real reason I'm posting this here is that I'm not a designer by any means and still have a real fear of putting out any visual design work that I've done because it is pretty poor IMO and I just want to get used to putting stuff out there.