Using multiple column layouts in Langford Wordpress theme

By Steve Claridge on 2014-04-27.

[half first="true"]Langford Theme is a minimal Wordpress theme that is ideal for blogs and portfolios that want a smart, minimal look. Langford is fully responsive down to mobile and built to be fast-loading for a better reading experience. The theme supports user-specified multi-column layouts. Wordpress shortcodes can be inserted into a post or page to define two, three or four column layouts within a single post[/half]

[half last="true"]or page - giving authors the freedom to present their content in more interesting ways. The shortcodes that can be inserted to define a column are [half] for a two-columned layout, [third] for a three-columned layout and [quarter] for a four-columned layout. There is also a [twothird] code that can be used with the [third]. You can add or change the shortcodes at any time during or after your post has been written.[/half]

Below is a screenshot from the Wordpress post editor that shows some text being split up into three columns. Notice that each column opens with a [third] shortcode and ends with a [/third] code. You should always close you columns with a [/] tag. You must always use the right number of columns, for example, there needs to be three columns when using the [third] shortcode.


Finally, as you can see from the screenshot, you have to specify first="true" on the first column in a set and last="true" on the last. You need to specify these on all columns in a post, for example, if your post contains a two-column section and also a four-column section then both the sections needs to have their first and last columns marked with first="true" and last="true".

These shortcodes aren't just for splitting text sections. A four column layout makes a nice image gallery that is fully responsive and looks great on all devices.