Java snobbery at its very best

By Steve Claridge on 2014-03-15.

The belief that Java+web framework is a more professional, robust and scalable solution than 'toy' languages like PHP, Ruby and Python is one that is widely held by management, non-techies and many architects.

I innocently went to have a quick read-up of Seam caching today and was somewhat taken aback by the opening paragraph:

In almost all enterprise applications, the database is the primary bottleneck, and the least scalable tier of the runtime environment. People from a PHP/Ruby environment will try to tell you that so-called "shared nothing" architectures scale well. While that may be literally true, I don't know of many interesting multi-user applications which can be implemented with no sharing of resources between different nodes of the cluster. What these silly people are really thinking of is a "share nothing except for the database" architecture. Of course, sharing the database is the primary problem with scaling a multi-user application---so the claim that this architecture is highly scalable is absurd, and tells you a lot about the kind of applications that these folks spend most of their time working on.

Nice one JBoss, very professional of you.