By Steve Claridge on 2014-03-21.

Coderscope provides Java and PHP programming tests for businesses and recruitment agents who are looking to assess the coding chops of potential interview candidates. You wouldn't hire a chef without tasting their food, so don't hire a coder without testing their code.

Coderscope has been my evening and weekend labour of love for the past few months. I'm really pleased to be able to release it out into the wild!

I've been in a lot of interviews over the years, both as interviewer and candidate, and a lot of them completely failed to do the most important thing: test that the candidate could actually write code. People were asked pop trivia questions, they were asked How many garages are there in Brooklyn? logic teasers and they got the chance to talk about previous projects - but they didn't often get asked to write actual code. Why? Many reasons, among them were: time constraints during the interview, no one on staff with tech skills to set and check the questions, not enough time to get questions together and, critically, asking the right questions is hard .

Coderscope fixes these problems by offering a quick and easy way to test candidates on coding questions that mimic real-world programming tasks. It's a web service that you can sign-up to, create a programming test and email it to a candidate in less than three minutes. No programming knowledge required!

When a candidate clicks on the link in the email to start their test they are taken to the Coderscope site and are walked-through a set number of programming questions. Each question requires them to write some code - the candidate's answers are checked on the Coderscope server in real-time so the candidate can see any errors in their code (and hopefully fix them) and you can watch their test in-progress remotely from your Coderscope admin panel.

Coderscope has a 14-day free trial with no credit card required up-front; check it out and make your hiring process a little bit less stressful.

If you have any questions, please give me a shout through the Coderscope contact page, I'd love to hear from you.