Free minimal/clean and responsive WordPress theme

By Steve Claridge on 2015-04-13.

Langford Theme is a minimalist, clean and responsive theme for WordPress. It is also free. I created this theme a while back and have been using on my developer portfolio site for some time, I'm now redoing my site's layout so thought it would be good to release the old theme for free.

The theme is based on Bootstrap and strives to make the content as readable as possible, there is no place for adverts, sidebars or other guff, it's just the content. It has a custom home page that shows a gallery of portfolio images, a blog home page styled as a TOC, readable post page with styling for code snippets, and a few other layouts chucked in for good measure.

Langford has the ability to dynamically create multi-column layouts, you can add columns to your posts by inserting shortcodes. See the instructions page for more info.

Langdford also has a built-in contact form, no need for extra plugins.

Screenshots of the various pages are below, feel free to download it, modify it, laugh at it, go nuts.

This theme is provided as-is, with no support or liability.






Download Langford Theme using this link. Some instructions for using the theme are here.