By Steve Claridge on 2015-06-14.

Audiology Engine have been putting together a new site for a customer based in and around Leicester, UK. We wanted to have a really eye-catching home page that not only grabbed the visitors attention but also gave them a quick overview of the business and a feel for the welcoming and friendly vibe that the business has.

A short full-screen video was the right choice, we wanted the video looping in the background whilst showing some blurbs about the company's offerings and, of course, the navigation menu and company logo over the top. We don't have any video-making skills ourselves but luckily (for us) the company had already brought Daniel Yates Films in to shoot some footage of their offices, staff and customers.

Daniel had produced a couple of full-length videos that were superb in themselves but we needed something short snappy for the home page. Within a couple of hours of asking he had produced a new minute-long video that expertly sums up the client's business and makes for an attention-grabbing home page.

Geoff, my partner at Audiology Engine, left this testimonial for Daniel on LinkedIn, which pretty much sums up the quality of the work:

Awesome! That is not a word I use lightly or often, but when talking about Daniel Yates ' skills, the word is deserved.

We worked alongside Danny during a web site build we had been commissioned on for a private independent healthcare practice. Part of our vision was a brand video that would be sympathetic to the upmarket premium brand feel. The video also needed to convey the real empathy that the business had for its customers and the outstanding care that it delivered.

Danny delivered exactly what we wanted. He has an amazing eye for composition delivering a piece of work that conveys the feeling wrapped within a brand. His editing is crisp and obviously undertaken to deliver real power through visual representation. To say he delivered a video, would be an outrageous understatement of fact, he delivered a top quality visual representation of exactly what the brand was and what it stood for.

I could not reccommend Danny any more to anyone who is looking for any type of video work to be undertaken, whether corporate or personal.

I echo Geoff's sentiments: if you are looking for someone to produce some professional video in or around the Leicester area that you can't go far wrong with Daniel.