A better parkrun map

By Steve Claridge on 2020-02-26.

I've been wanting to get a bit more serious about parkrun tourism, I've already done about 11 or 12 different events and I wanted to see how easily I could complete the alphabet. The map on the parkrun website is pretty bad for this, you can't search by a place name and you can't filter the pins, so I created my own.

A better parkrun map for tourists and anyone else trying to find a parkrun.

The map will center on your current location. You can find a place name, so typing "Oxford" in the search box will move the map to Oxford. You can also filter the pins that are shown, so if you were looking to do a parkrun beginning with the letter C near Oxford, you first search for Oxford, then put "C" in the filter box and only pins for parkruns beginning with C will be shown.

Alternatively, if you know the name of a parkrun but aren't sure exactly where in the country it is, you can zoom the map out, type the name into the filter box and only the pin for that parkrun will be shown.

Hope you find it useful, I know have a nice list of local-ish parkruns to complete my A-Z.